Apr. 19, 2012


Think about that a moment, will you? 



Think about that a moment, will you? 

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Warning you now, dear viewer:
This blog contains a bunch of shit that I either found funny, or cute; has to do with Batman, the Joker, various other comics, mythology, The Big Bang Theory, Hogwarts/Harry Potter, Dexter, or Supernatural; art that I thought beautiful; and, upon rare occasion, a peek at who I am.
You may now continue.

To say the least I'm nothing more than average.

Like every other, I think I'm the next big thing -- I write, draw, paint, sing, cook, bake, and teach myself how to half-ass play instruments. This week's fascination is an acoustic guitar.

I'm a mess, and out of shape. No worries. That's changing. . . Probably.

Pray that one day you'll be as lucky as me.

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My life long passions:
Batman • Mythology
Astronomy • Astrology
Ancient civilizations